Unidade Fabril Itu

Brasil Kirin Tour

The Tour Brasil Kirin is a program that offers visitors tours of the company’s factories, allowing them to embark on a journey into the world of beverages. During the tour, visitors get the chance to see all the processes involving  the manufacturing of products included in the Brasil Kirin portfolio: beers, juices, soft drinks and waters.

The units currently opened for tours include Itu, Campos de Jordão and Alagoinhas. At the Itu and Alagoinhas units, the tours take place from Monday to Friday and last an average of two hours and the half. The tour passes through the central laboratory, water treatment facility, syrup station, wastewater treatment facility, production lines (Pet, cans, glass),  raw material silos and brewery kitchen. At the end, visitors can taste  draught beer  right from the factory’s tank.

At Cachoeiras de Macacu the tour also happen during the week and the visitors are able to visit: syrup station, brewing kitchen and production lines. At the end, the visitors are invited to taste our premium company beers.

In Campos de Jordão factory -   Baden Baden Tour is part of the city tour route. There are daily tours available from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at one-hour intervals. The tour offers to the visitors a sensory experience and they are invite to learn more about the entire beer production process and also the monitors give tips about beer´s harmonization and the visitors can also savor the Cristal and Bock draught beers.  The tour ends at a store where visitors can purchase different types of beers and also souvenirs.

The groups are accompanied by monitors during the entire tour.

Soon, the tour will also be available at other company factories.

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